Interactive Sessions - Kids' Tech University (KTU) at VSU    

Dr. Shaundra Daily October 12, 2013
What if a Computer Could Learn Your Feelings?

An interactive session led by Dr. Shaundra Daily

Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at Clemson University

Computers surround us. Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, gaming devices and other technologies are a part of our everyday lives. In fact, many of us spend hours upon hours on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and gaming devices. These technologies have a lot of information about us, but rarely know how we are feeling at a given moment. What if your phone could learn how you are feeling? What if your ipod could notice when you were sad and play your favorite song to brighten your day? An area called Affective Computing has been developing technologies for the past fifteen years to help technology to better understand emotions. I'll be talking about many of the different technologies that listen to voices, look at eyes, pay attention to body position, and measure sweat; as well as describe the many applications in which understanding emotion is useful.

Dr. Shaundra Daily is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at Clemson University interested in Affective computing and STEM Education. She received her doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University - Florida State University College of Engineering as well as a S.M. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her current research interests include affective computing and supporting young students in learning about computing.

October 2013 - Hands-On Exhibits
After the interactive session the students will be escorted by their parents to have lunch and then to the hands-on portion of the event. There the students will enjoy the experience of interacting with various exhibits from the Virginia State University community.