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“KTU has given our child opportunities that she would never have gotten in school! She has learned the importance of protecting the environment, how patterns impact medical research as well as dance moves, how to make and edit an animated film, how to give a great speech, the possibility of life on Mars, and so many other wonderful things...
... She has put her entire arm into a cow's stomach, made butter, extracted DNA from strawberries and competed in a wheelchair race with one eye covered. The things she has learned are already having an impact in her daily life and will be invaluable to her in the future!” Marce, Collinsville, VA
“My son really enjoyed his KTU experience. The hands-on activities exposed him to technologies that he wouldn't have seen in his normal school classroom. The enthusiasm of the Virginia Tech students who assisted with these events made them all the more memorable.” Donna
“KTU is a fantastic program that is motivational, experiential, and provides that building blocks for career exploration. KTU was certainly worth driving two hours and a half to expose my daughter to other kids, college students, and professionals. I can't wait for the next program year to begin.” Lonnie
“I loved the Antactica lecture. I had never met someone who went to Antarctica! After the lecture, I wanted to find out more about Andrill and we watched the PBS NOVA episode that was suggested. I really liked the idea of doing research with the drill, and I think I may want to be a scientist and do fun things like going to Antarctica.” Christopher grade 5, Blacksburg
“The KTU program made learning about science cool and interesting.” Clare, will be a fifth grader in the Prince Edward County Public Schools, Farmville, VA
“I liked the afternoon activities because I love hands-on activities and there was lots of those. My most favorite one was designing fractals. I didn't know very much about fractals before (Kids' Tech University) and I now know much more about them because of Kids' Tech University. P.S. I love fractals!” Nicholas, grade 3, Blacksburg
“Hey Mom, I'm a VT Sophomore!” Allyson, 5th grader, Tazewell County, VA